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Alternative Treatments for Tinnitus – Discover and Recover

June 7th, 2010 · No Comments · Tinnitus Treatment

Tinnitus is mistaken by most people as a disease but it’s not. It’s just a symptom that something is wrong in your inner ear. People who have tinnitus keep on experiencing buzzing or ringing sound wherein no external sounds are made. Who can sleep well while hearing those sounds in your ears?

Who can focus on what he or she doing when you are irritated by your buzzing ears? We’ll it’s really hard to live and enjoy life upon learning that you will have that disconcerting sound for a lifetime. So people who are experiencing tinnitus are really desperate to eradicate it.

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Alternative treatments for tinnitus were found because until now, experts don’t seem to describe the complete cure for it.

Here are some of the alternative treatments for tinnitus that would be useful:

1. It is known that ginkgo biloba can augment blood flow and its extract is recommended as an alternative to relieve tinnitus. It’s not only the extract of this herb can be used to lessen your tinnitus trouble.

40 milligrams of dried ginkgo biloba may also be acquired in place of the 120 milligrams of its extract every day. This alternative may took a long time to affect but it’s a lot better than not having at all.

2. Hypnotherapy is considered to be effective in controlling the peril of tinnitus by getting rid of negative emotions from a person with tinnitus. These negative feelings include anger, anxiety, or even stress that is caused by so many factors. It was found that these things can be a root for tinnitus.

So if you have this case, try to relieve your tinnitus through this alternative treatment. This will help you cope with your trouble because the therapy can divert your attention towards a more refreshing and alleviating sounds, which can help you feel better.

3. Take in an adequate amount of zinc and vitamin B12 for lack of these nourishments can be the cause of your tinnitus. Fish, milk, cereal, meat, milk products and poultry are some foods that are very rich in vitamin B12 while foods like Brussels sprouts, asparagus, spinach, and cucumbers are rich in zinc.

4. There is dual point course that is consisting of using an electronic gadget, which covers tinnitus sound and a psychotherapy session. The person with tinnitus must wear the cover daily for a definite time, with the purpose of guiding the brain to pay no attention to the noise in his ears.  This method is termed as habituation.

5. Several Chinese herbs can be good alternative treatments for tinnitus. Mixing rhubarb and coptis can take care of tinnitus as a result of hypertension. Rehmannia eight is another Chinese herb that is ideally intended for old people who have tinnitus.  Major bupleurum is considered to be of help for obese people with similar condition.

Tinnitus is really hard to cope or live with but it can be dealt in some ways. Alternative treatments for tinnitus that are suggested above can lessen your trouble and hassles with this symptom. Trace the reason of having a tinnitus so that it will be easy for you to find the efficient alternative treatment for it.

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