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Cause of Tinnitus – Understanding the Possible Causes of Your Tinnitus

April 7th, 2010 · No Comments · Tinnitus Causes

The many causes of tinnitus make it difficult for doctors to analyze and diagnose the exact medication for a tinnitus patient. This is the rationale why several tests, including x-rays or ultrasound imaging may be required when a person undergoes medical consultations for a tinnitus affliction.

A cause of tinnitus can be as simple as an ear wax blockage or as complicated as arteriosclerosis. Here are some of the known causes of tinnitus:

Ear Blockage

The simplest cause of tinnitus is when too much ear wax has hardened and blocked the ear canal. In some cases, the sufferer may have acquired or developed ear infection as a result of poor hygiene.

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In other instances, the ears are dulled by air pressure during flight travel or the pressure of sinusitis or of nasal fluids that fill up air passageways often experienced as allergic reactions.

The congestion often takes place at the Eustachian tube which is the connection between the middle ear and the back of the nose. Blocked Eustachian tubes can also lead to Mernier’s disease.

Damaged Ears

Ear damage can be a cause of tinnitus if a person is constantly exposed to excessive loudness of machines and speakers or amplifiers or earphones, which will all depend on how near your ears are to the source of the deafening sound. Intakes of inappropriate drugs can also be a cause of tinnitus as the ears get damaged by certain drug compositions.

Ear Structure Deformity/Defect

a. Otosclerosis, typified by stiffness or lack of pliancy in the pointed bones found in the middle ear. These bones are not flexible enough to respond to the sound waves that pass from the outer part of the ears on its way to the inner ears.

The lack of vibration becomes a cause of tinnitus syndrome in connection with the impaired hearing of the sufferer. This is said to be hereditary in nature.

b. Temporomandibular joint syndrome
also called as TMJ pains since this can also affect other facial parts as the irregularities are found in the joints, ligaments and muscles that connect the face to head and jaws.

The said connecting muscles, bones and tissues are not synchronized in working together for proper facial control and movement.  As a result, the defect results in tinnitus.

Medical/Health Conditions

a. Hypertension – which is the leading cause of tinnitus as far as underlying medical conditions is concerned. The hardening of arterial walls or arteriosclerosis brings about the pressure build-up during blood circulation.

The end result if not addressed immediately is hypertension or high blood pressure which makes the tinnitus ringing sounds even more pronounced.

b. Anemia on the other hand is not about low blood pressure but low blood count as far as the red blood cells are concerned. This is important since the red blood cells are the carriers of oxygen supply needed by the body to function properly.

As a cause of tinnitus, the condition brings the body organs to a certain point wherein heart beats and pulse rates can be heard as a ticking sound by the pulsatile tinnitus sufferer.

c. Anxiety or stress
is widely known as a cause of tinnitus as it comes along with all the discomfort brought about by the ear defects, damages and health condition of the person suffering from tinnitus. Hence, the doctor’s first area of concern is to alleviate the stress felt by the individual to help the person manage his tinnitus.

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