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Clear Tinnitus – 3 Factors to Consider to Get Rid Of Ringing in Your Ears

May 6th, 2010 · 1 Comment · Tinnitus Treatment

Have you noticed that we live in a world where there are different sounds pervading in the air? In fact, the hissing or ringing sounds that you hear may have been there even before you came develop tinnitus disorder.

What is being driven at here is that you can clear tinnitus ringing sounds through your own efforts. It starts of course with determining what had triggered those ringing sounds to have more prominence in your hearing selections.

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1. Examine your personal hygiene habits, are they poor or excessive?

Some people lack personal attendance as far as cleaning their ears are concerned but excessively subjecting your ears to cleaning routine is also bad.

Ear wax is a substance natural to the ears because they also serve a function. Totally eliminating ear wax from your ears will allow dirt or foreign bodies to enter your inner ear if there is not enough ear wax to trap them at the entrance.

As a result, it leads to ear infections or inflammations. To clear tinnitus ringing due to inflammation or infection, your doctor will recommend medications that will treat the illness. Hopefully, this will also clear tinnitus sounds caused by the ear infection.

2. Are you prone to habitual intakes of aspirins, antacids and strong formulations of cough medicines?

These over-the-counter medications may be harmless if taken in their proper dosages but can be harmful when taken in excesses. They contain substances such as chloroquine or quinine that can cause certain side-effects that include tinnitus.

In order to clear tinnitus sounds from out of your ear, the first step is to totally disengage yourself from these drugs since you have had too much of them.

Re-enable your impaired nerves by chewing on dried fruits like dried pineapple, mango, prunes, dates or nuts. These are rich sources of zinc and magnesium which can help strengthen the nerves and the immune system in your auditory structure.

3. Do you subject your ears to loud sounds in very close proximity to your cochlea?

You may be one among the many individuals who have a penchant for high-tech portable radio devices like MP3, iPhones or iPods. Consider the fact that sound waves can be powerful enough to create a blast that can shatter panes or cause tremors that can crumble walls.

Your cochlea contains fine hairs that are not actually hairs but nerve endings that are responsible in transmitting sound waves to the brain. People whose hearing abilities were impaired due to loud sounds were found to have distressed cilia or hair that had the appearance of being withered due to applications of loud sounds.

In order to clear tinnitus ringing from out of your ear, it is important for you to supplement you auditory systems with important minerals and vitamins like zinc, magnesium and B12 These will encourage the cochlear cells and cilia to regenerate and function normally again.

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