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Cures for Tinnitus – 4 Home Remedies to Try as Tinnitus Cure

April 29th, 2010 · 3 Comments · Tinnitus Cure

When seeking for cures for tinnitus, home remedies or therapies should be among your first choices because they are more economical. The possibility that they will not produce curative improvements is paired off with minimal costs as opposed to high priced alternatives that can have overwhelming impact on your finances. Thus, you might want to try the following home remedies as your possible cures for tinnitus:

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1. Massage for Tinnitus

Using your thumb and index finger, massage the outer edges of your ears as well as your earlobes. As additional massage techniques when stress is a factor that causes your tinnitus, massaging or pressing the area below the smallest finger and the ring finger will alleviate some of your stresses.

Relief can be achieved since these areas are considered as pressure points. In relatively the same way, massage the sole area located between the little toe and the middle toe of your foot.

As you get more relaxed and relieved at these pressure points, the intensity of the tinnitus sounds will lessen thus providing you with tinnitus relief if not cures for tinnitus.

2. Improving one’s Lifestyle

Improving your diet by making sure that the vitamins and mineral elements that help strengthen the ear’s hearing system will have nothing but positive effects as cures for your tinnitus.

Deficiencies which may be inherent or developed as a result of poor lifestyle can be countered. By providing the ear cells with supplements, proper development of cells as well as fortification of the immune system will be encouraged.

3. Mind Re-training Exercises

Learn mind re-training techniques that will help you ease out the prominence of tinnitus ringing in your areas of concentration. By using the power of your brain to control and improvise imaginary devices in your mind, you will be able to acquire techniques on how you can push out the irritating sounds produced by tinnitus, away from your main points of concentration.

These may not be the kind of cures for tinnitus you are looking for but it will help you manage the tinnitus ringing that causes you considerable discomfort all year round.

4. Taking Tissue Salts

If what you’re looking for as cures for tinnitus come in the form of medications, consider taking tissue salts. Like Kali Phos and Kali Sulph as examples.

Kali Phosphorica or better known as Kali Phos is said to be effective as cures for tinnitus ringing, humming or buzzing sounds. They have best results if taken with Ferrum Phosphorica or Ferr Phos which are recommended for tinnitus noises that come in the form of running water. As additional supplement, Mag Phos will also provide cures for tinnitus against whizzing sounds particularly if such sounds tend to limit your hearing.

These are all home remedies recommended as cures for tinnitus which may or may not work out well for you. Although considered as relatively harmless, it is still recommended that your physician’s medical advice be sought before actually applying these home remedies as cures for tinnitus.

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