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Ear Ringing Remedies – Holistic and Alternative Approach

June 15th, 2010 · No Comments · Tinnitus Remedies

Discovering a remedy for ear ringing or commonly called Tinnitus has been an age-old endeavor for medical researchers. To date though, the remedies for ear ringing are not just contained in one specific approach or method.

Most sufferers have claimed to have used at least a combination of remedies available.

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Since a lot of sufferers of ear ringing who once have taken conventional or allopathic medicines asserted that the prescription had aggravated rather than alleviating their condition.

Thus, the used of holistic and alternative remedies have lately gained popularity in the quest for battling the debilitating effects of Tinnitus.

Aside from the fact that conventional medicines are not trusted to guarantee the relief sought for, alternative remedies are proven with no side effects, cheap, and commonly available.

One popular remedy is the herbal medicines. Sometimes, the ear ringing relief we are looking for are just within our kitchen or garden.

Some of these herbs are known to counter ear infection that causes or worsens ear ringing – bayberry bark, burdock root, goldenseal, and hawthorn leaf and flower.

Myrrh gum is also effective for blood in purifying the blood circulation in the ear. Gingko biloba helps improve hearing loss.

Nutrition is another ear ringing remedy. There are a lot of foods that make ear ringing worse. Sufferers should avoid alcohol, caffeine, salt and unnecessary amount of refined sugar.

Add more pineapple slices into your diet. It’s very effective in reducing inflammation of the ear. A diet with plenty of garlic, kelp and sea vegetables is also recommended aside from regularly chewing dried fruits.

This one helps increase blood circulation around the ear.

Being with counseling group can really help sufferers of ear ringing. Tinnitus sufferers are living a life emotionally taxing exhausting experience. Isolation is more debilitating.

The assistance of support groups and counselors can greatly give sufferers emotional retreat and consolation.

Many ear ringing sufferers fall into stagnation because of the endless ordeal coming from their ears and it made their lives quite miserable.

But being active and getting involved physically is a non-expensive, constructive, and productive ear ringing remedy. Distractions such as exercise, therapy clubs, and volunteer groups will keep the sufferers mind off their condition.

Alternative ear ringing remedy also includes taking 300mg of Coenzyme Q10. It helps blood circulation to the ear and the boost immune system.

There are countless of ear holistic and alternative ringing remedies that can find anywhere.

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