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Natural Remedy for Tinnitus – 8 Important Steps

March 25th, 2010 · No Comments · Tinnitus Remedies

Getting treatment for tinnitus is best achieved by using a natural remedy for tinnitus.  Unless your doctor has diagnosed you to be suffering from Mernier’s disease, drug medications like “betahistidine” should not be used as a regular medication.

In case you find it difficult to get some sleep, taking in anti depressants and tranquilizers will not solve your tinnitus either. In fact, you will only become too dependent on the temporary relief that you get.  Your best recommendation is to get a natural remedy for tinnitus.

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The most important steps in taking on natural remedy for tinnitus involve changing your diet and your lifestyle. This will allow the natural healing powers to take effect.

1. Avoid salty, sweet and fatty foods since these substances all lead to health detriments.

2. Increase your intakes of fruits and vegetables to increase the nutrients that can regulate your blood circulation and strengthen your body cells.

3. Avoid food indulgences as it can create blood sugar swings; the body’s metabolism becomes erratic with sudden extreme intakes of high calorie foods.

4. Consider taking in magnesium supplements as they have been proven to reduce hearing-loss brought about by the ringing noise in your ears.

5. Add zinc supplements as natural remedy for tinnitus since zinc deficiency is often considered as a possible cause for tinnitus. The spiral organ in the ear area contains the highest concentration of zinc and any deficiency may cause certain aggravation in this area.

6. Take in extracts of ginkgo biloba , as this helps improve the blood flow that may be causing the pulsatile tinnitus, the type that ticks rhythmically with your heart beat.

7. Other natural remedy for tinnitus may include relaxation trainings or yoga. These forms of exercises will increase your ability to ignore any ringing sensations felt within your ear.

8. Others also explore the possibility of getting natural remedy for tinnitus through hypnosis or acupuncture. However, these are treatments you can have if administered by a practitioner and you cannot have them all the time.  There are also the tinnitus masker and white noise technology you can buy from some healthcare specialist.

What you are aiming for is to get safe and available natural remedy for tinnitus in case the ringing in your ear gets to be unbearable. Training your mind to focus somewhere else other than focusing on the incessant sound, can help you manage tinnitus anytime of the day.

However, you are reminded that these are only natural remedies for tinnitus and do not prejudice the prescribed medications of your doctor. The latter gathered, evidences and vital factors hence his prescription was based on overall evaluations of the tinnitus symptom.

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