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New Treatment for Tinnitus – Relief From Pain and Discomfort

May 24th, 2010 · 1 Comment · Tinnitus Treatment

Tinnitus (from a Latin word tinnire) is defined medically as ringing, hissing, or booming sensation in one or both ears, caused by infection, side effects of certain drugs, and other underlying developmental process and medical condition such as aging, head injury, and Meniere’s disease.

Today, it is believe that, there are approximately 50 million Americans infected by tinnitus and many have tried many conventional drugs and treatments to relieve themselves of the pain and discomfort. However, medical research to date has not been able to come up with a specific synthetic or allopathic tinnitus treatment.

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But a new treatment for tinnitus that is widely proven to obtain lasting relief from pain and discomfort is by utilizing natural and homeopathic treatment along with herbal or vitamin based remedies. Many sufferers have expressed results have been obtained using these new treatments.

1. Vitamin and Herbal Based Tinnitus Remedy

Tinnitus, as defined by medical experts, may be a result or side effects of certain conventional drugs that a patient with a medical condition maybe taking. In contrast, vitamins and herbal-based medicines are proven to have no adverse medical effects.

Taking these kind of remedies help boost physical health and stronger immune system for sufferers of tinnitus who painstakingly follow this regimen.

One effective remedy is the use of Maiden tree or Gingko Biloba. Putting 20 to 40 mg of the extract of these herbs in your ears for a period of 6 weeks will cure the problem. These evidently help in dilating the blood vessels which increases blood flow to your ears.

2. Natural Cures for Tinnitus

There is no better cure for tinnitus than the naturals. Sufferers have tried this remedy for themselves at home and the results are quite effective and satisfying. The first among the list is to abstain from smoking, lessen the intake of alcohol and caffeinated drinks (coffee, tea and other stimulants such as chocolate).

Nicotine and alcohol both induces the occurrence and severity of tinnitus.

Another natural treatment is taking less salt especially for those who are suffering Meneire’s disease. However, a diet with normal or balanced amount of salt, and fruits and vegetables is still recommended. Regularly chewing dried fruits can also increase blood circulation in the area.

Stress, whether internal or external, can worsen tinnitus. Therefore, avoid noise of any level that has an ill effect to your hearing. Being in a quiet or noiseless place can help a sufferer ease the discomfort. If one cannot avoid the noise, no matter low the level is, wear earmuffs regularly.

A regular regimen of exercise can help a person with tinnitus to relieve oneself of internal stress that can worsen the pain. Deep breathing, yoga, and other relaxation exercise are recommended.

3. Homeopathic Treatment for Tinnitus

Homeopathy is a collection of effective remedies for nearly two centuries by homeopathic practitioners. These collections of treatments, mostly herbal-based, are known to be a non-toxic system of medicine administered to treat illness and its prevailing discomforts.

The common remedies for tinnitus includes Calcarea carbonica, Carbo vegetabilis, Chininum sulphuricum, Coffea cruda, Lycopodium and several others. The sufferer should correctly chose a remedy that can work gently and efficiently to relieve discomfort and help the body heal itself without toxicity or side-effects.

Many sufferers have different symptoms and underlying conditions that cause tinnitus. Before pursuing a course of homeopathic remedy, it is best for the sufferer consult a homeopathic expert.

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