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Relief from Tinnitus – How to Apply Yoga Relaxation Techniques for Tinnitus Relief

March 27th, 2010 · 4 Comments · Tinnitus Relief

A person suffering from tinnitus disorder is constantly on edge since the noise persistently ringing or buzzing in his ear can affect his overall disposition.

The tinnitus sufferer will find it difficult to get a good night’s sleep since the stillness or the lack of other sounds will magnify the sound he hears from within. Most often, the tinnitus sufferer will find ways to get relief from tinnitus, in some form or another.

One of the most recommended forms of tinnitus treatment is by way of engaging in yoga exercises and meditations. Medical experts have provided the scientific explanation on how yoga is able to provide relief from tinnitus.

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It is said that the brain has a certain neurotransmitter called gamma-aminobutyruc acid (GABA) and has been proven as a main neurological substance that can help repair neurodegenerative diseases that includes tinnitus.

The GABA Receptor as the Source of the Tinnitus Sounds

In year 2002, doctors at the Martha Entermann Tinnitus Research Center released a publication that the regular route taken by the tinnitus syndrome as it courses through the brain is via the GABA receptor which is in the middle temporal lobe area.

If the GABA receptor is distressed due to some emotional difficulty being experienced by the sufferer, the GABA receptor convulses which is manifested by the sound that it produces and what is commonly called as tinnitus.

Yoga as the Best Form of Relief from Tinnitus

Both the Harvard Medical School and the Boston University School of Medicine presented proof that 60 minute yoga can increase the GABA levels by at least 27%.

In as much as GABA impairment can affect the mood and disposition of a tinnitus afflicted person.  In fact, the Asana posture is the recommended yoga posture to provide relief from tinnitus.

If you’ve no idea how yoga is performed, you can start dabbling on the following beginner’s guide as a way of finding relief from tinnitus:

1. Learn how to breathe the yoga way. This is important especially if you are to hold a yoga posture. Breathing is done through the nose into the belly. By breathing in Asana, you breathe in slowly and deeply until you achieve relaxation.

However, there are different teachers who may teach different Asana breathing techniques. Since you are only seeking relief from tinnitus, simply breathe in slowly and deeply through the nose until you feel yourself achieving a state of relaxation.

2. Start and end your yoga session with a short meditation by assuming an easy pose. Bring your focus to yourself and what is inside you. An easy pose is done by inhaling while pressing your hips down in an Indian seat position.

Gently flex your shoulder muscles and your back to relax and open your chest. Keep your face relaxed while your tongue should rest against the roof of your mouth.  As you achieve relaxation, convulsion of GABA receptors due to stress will slowly go away and bring along relief from tinnitus

3. Take in longer inhalations and exhalations and in the same way of breathing in through the nose down to the belly. As you meditate, continue breathing in deeply through the nose and down to the belly, concentrating only in your breathing until you achieve relaxation as well as attain relief from tinnitus.

4. Continue with other yoga pose sequence and you might want to explore more of the Asana, to complete your sessions in the future. This will fully equip you with yoga exercises that can help you relax to eliminate the distress in your GABA receptors as a way of finding relief from tinnitus.

5. End with a relaxation pose

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