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Stop Ear Ringing – Things You Should Tell Your Doctor

May 31st, 2010 · 2 Comments · Tinnitus Relief

Anyone suffering from tinnitus is desperately in need of a solution to stop ear ringing sounds that constantly hound him. The number of Americans suffering from tinnitus is growing as each year passes and in fact the figures now include global statistics.

In order to stop the ear ringing, you must first determine what causes them by submitting yourself to your doctor for examination. However, you must also do some preliminary self-examination so you will know what information you should offer your doctor, as a way of helping him thresh out your tinnitus problem:

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1. Have you checked your ears for any earwax accumulation?

You may have been too busy lately and simply forgot that your ears need some attention too. Our ears have ear wax used as natural protection against germs that may enter the body via the ear openings. The dirt gets trapped in the earwax and will tend to harden especially if you’re residing in a cold climate.

Blocked ear passages caused by hardened earwax can cause ear ringing as sound waves are prevented from entering your ear canals. Hence, the sound waves are not complete and the brain is unable to stop ear ringing sounds from taking place.

2. Do you know what activities, substances or foods trigger your tinnitus?

Prior to seeing your doctor, you should perhaps try to look back at the events or activities that may have triggered the ringing in your ears.  Perhaps you suffered a head injury or trauma which you simply let pass.

You may be taking too much aspirin or have self-administered certain medications without consulting your doctor. Some individuals make it a habit to stick their electronic musical gadgets in their ears at all times during the day with no let up.

Others, frequent joints where there are too many reverberating sounds in loud blasting volumes. In fact, you may simply be working in an environment where you are constantly surrounded by machines that create booming and ear-grinding noises. Still others may realize that certain foods trigger and do not stop ear ringing sounds to happen.

3. Are you experiencing some kind of stress, depression or anxiety?

Unless you volunteer this information to your doctor, he will not be able to analyze your condition fully and offer you the best medication possible to stop ear ringing from occurring.

You need not go into details but the doctor should also know of your depression or stress, in order to prescribe the right kind of medication that can possibly stop ear ringing from happening.

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