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Stop Tinnitus – The Best Ways to Treat Your Tinnitus

April 6th, 2010 · 2 Comments · Tinnitus Treatment

The most common cause of tinnitus are the loud deafening sounds that the ears are subjected to in the workplace, in the streets and in places of recreation and entertainment like bistros, discos, concert venues and even arcades.

In fact, while transporting yourself from one place to the next you’ll be putting the earphones of your iPods, MP3s or whatever portable media players you have in your person. How can you stop tinnitus with this kind of lifestyle?

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Now as you prepare to sleep, you’ll get your iPods or MP3 and put on your earphones so you will be lulled to sleep by your favorite music. In a few minutes the sounds of your snores will pervade the room. However, you can’t expect to have tinnitus relief if this is how you go about 24/7 year in and year out.

The Best Way to Stop Tinnitus

To stop tinnitus, be kind to your ears since 90% of all tinnitus cases in the US are caused by “sensorineural hearing loss” or a condition wherein the ears are already suffering from lesions. Lesions can be anything from abrasions or blisters or wounds.

If it concerns the membranes it could be cracks or fissures. Why not? A deafening explosion can cause window panes to shatter which is in some ways equivalent to sound waves applied in high decibels and in close proximity to the ear drums and for long hours.

Stop tinnitus by stopping yourself from subjecting your ears to what is detrimental to the delicate cochlear hairs, fine membranes and tiny bones that the ears are made of.

Take enough magnesium, zinc, Vitamin B12 and antioxidants to let your ear cells, strengthen, regenerate and repair themselves.

Two Types of Tinnitus to Determine your Tinnitus Treatment

Actually there are two types of tinnitus so you will have an idea on what treatments to take for your tinnitus solution.

1. Vibratory Tinnitus
, where the sounds you hear are muscle contractions or your own blood pounding and in some cases, the sounds of your heart beating. These types are often related to health disorders that affect your blood circulation where heart pumping is affected by blood pressure build-ups. To stop tinnitus, the doctor will prescribe drug medications to lower your blood pressure and alleviate your stress and anxieties.

2. Non-Vibratory Tinnitus – is when the sounds that you hear are coming from the inner ear in the central area where sound waves are processed. To stop your tinnitus you should visit your doctor who will diagnose and assess your ear problem. If he does not find anything wrong with your ear canals or your outer ears, then your doctor will refer you to an ENT specialist.

However, not all ENT specialists can find the solution on how to stop tinnitus, since their area of expertise are limited to the ear problems that occur in the middle ear and inwards. The most common cases of ear problems dealt with by ENT specialists in the US are otosclerosis and cholesteatomas.

The first is about hereditary bone defects in the ear while the second refers to ear tumors.  If the ENT cannot find the right solution to stop tinnitus he will refer you to the Otologists or Neurotologists.

Otologists or Neurotologists are on the top echelon when it comes to ear specializations since they’re highly learned in all matters relating the ear. They are involved not only in treating special ear problems but also in developing ear treatment methods.  Their findings and diagnosis will be your best recommendations on how to stop tinnitus.

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