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Tinnitus Remedies – 5 Tinnitus Treatments to Help Manage Tinnitus Discomfort

May 2nd, 2010 · No Comments · Tinnitus Remedies

Others may have just about given up seeking for tinnitus treatment especially if they have learned to live with the constant ringing or buzzing sounds in their ears. It is said that there are about 40 million Americans suffering from tinnitus whose root causes cannot be established.

Hence, the only way that these multitudes of sufferers can cope with the discomforts of the disorder, is by taking or doing some form of treatment remedies. If in case you are one of the millions afflicted with tinnitus, you might like to consider the following tinnitus remedies that are worth your try:

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1. Instead of chewing gums, chew dried fruits or nuts instead.

Two important mineral elements that can help cure tinnitus are magnesium and zinc. While some people resort to chewing gum as treatment remedies for their tinnitus discomfort, a better alternative is to chew dried fruits such as apricots, dates, figs, prunes or grapes instead.

This is in order to get the zinc supplement that can help strengthen the ear’s natural immune system. The same thing is true with magnesium which can be derived from nuts.

2. Take a regular supplement of other vitamins particularly vitamin B12.

A link between vitamin B12 deficiency and tinnitus has been established by medical researchers. Foods rich in B12 or Cobalamin are oysters, sardines, chicken, milk, eggs, cottage cheese and turkey. If you’re a vegetarian, you should take at least some form of vitamin supplement, since B12 or Cobalamin are not derived from plant sources.

3. Avoid quiet surroundings and turn on radio static instead.

The objective in turning on the radio in case you’ll find yourself in some quiet part of the house or a location is not to listen to the music. In fact, as one of the most effective tinnitus remedies, is to turn on your radio in between two stations, in order to produce static sounds.

This is most helpful at night in case you are awakened in the middle of the stillness of a quiet and peaceful evening. It is said to be that time of day when the tinnitus sounds are most intense.

4. Learn to meditate in order to achieve relaxation.

No matter how you try, there will always be aggravating circumstances that will test you as far as dealing with tinnitus is concerned. As part of your tinnitus remedies, learning how to meditate and achieve relaxation will help you deal with the stress that tends to aggravate tinnitus disorder, wherever and whenever treatment remedies are needed.

5. Apply hot compress or massage at night so you can have better sleep.

These tinnitus remedies do not make the tinnitus sound go away but will create a calming and soothing effect on your nerves to help you attain sleep.  The more sleep you can get, the less stressed you will become, which will allow you to focus your concentration somewhere else, in order to ignore the tinnitus sounds in your ears.

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