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Tinnitus Solution – How Biofeedback Works and How It is Carried Out

March 29th, 2010 · 2 Comments · Tinnitus Cure

Of all tinnitus treatments recommended, biofeedback is said to be the one with the highest batting average as far as efficiency is concerned.

It is said that about 90% of tinnitus cases are due to sensorineural hearing loss, a condition wherein some parts of the middle ear or its inner recesses have lesions due to too much noise or loud blaring sounds.

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This makes biofeedback the best tinnitus solution to consider in helping the sufferer manage tinnitus if his auditory nerve, cells, bones and membranes are already beyond repair.

Biofeedback as tinnitus solution will train the affected individual to be in charge of some of his bodily functions. This will involve controlling pulse rates, muscle tension and skin temperature. All of these are aimed to achieve a relaxed frame of mind that will prevent intensifying the intrusive tinnitus sounds that one hears.

How Does Biofeedback Take Effect?

According to researchers, stress or anxiety is one mitigating factor that can worsen a person’s condition while suffering from tinnitus. The occurrence of stress can bring on other internal incidences like hardened arteries leading to blood pressure and adrenaline rushes that can lead to hormonal imbalances that may also cause indigestion aside from hypertension.

As a tinnitus solution, a therapist will guide an individual in acquiring relaxation techniques and mental training to willfully lower his blood pressure. A machine will guide and monitor your ability to control by indicating the progress you make while applying said techniques, hence, the term biofeedback.

Here’s how a biofeedback session carries on:

1. In a regular biofeedback session, several electrodes will be connected to you. These electrodes will transmit data to a small monitoring apparatus, regarding your bodily responses.

The screen of the monitoring apparatus will project your data not by figures but by way of graphs using tones that will vary by pitch or visual indicators that will vary in brightness. These are all indicators of the electrical activities occurring underneath your skin tissues.

2. If you have weak muscle responses, the biofeedback trainer will set the machine at high gain settings in order to elicit your muscle responses, even as they don’t come too strongly; conversely, a low gain setting will be suitable for patients with full muscle responses.

3. Once the proper settings have been adjusted, the biofeedback trainer will now guide you on how to manipulate your reactions or responses as your training for your tinnitus solution. This will be accomplished by going through mental exercises.

4. You will go through a series of trial and error processes with the biofeedback machine as your indicator whether you are applying that right mental exercise to produce the utmost state of relaxation.

5. Once you have established the technique and mental exercise to apply, you will practice and train until you have fully acquired the ability to control the bodily function you aimed for. As a tinnitus solution, your aim is to control your reactions to maintain a relaxed disposition despite the ringing sounds in your ears.

6. In performing this tinnitus solution, your attention will be focused at maintaining control and with less attention paid to the intrusive ringing sounds of tinnitus.

Each biofeedback session lasts for about an hour at the most and can be less depending on the type of disorder being treated. The same also goes for the number of sessions which may range from 8 to 10 for some individuals but can reach up to 20 sessions if you’re in need of a tinnitus solution that deals with hypertensions.

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