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Tinnitus Worsening – Facts and Treatments

June 28th, 2010 · 2 Comments · Tinnitus Treatment

What makes Tinnitus worse?

Generally, tinnitus is widely varied among patients. What causes to worsen a person’s tinnitus may be in one way or another different from another’s. Tinnitus worsening is mostly passing and unstable.

Some is just cause by a factor or two – nutrition or medication. Once this factor is discontinued or changed tinnitus will normally return to its baseline. Here are other factors that, in one way or another, are instrumental to the worsening of tinnitus.

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1. Psychological factors. Stress, whether internal or external, is believed as the worse aggravator of tinnitus as well as during anxiety or depression. Continuous stress makes the noises in the ear louder than in a relaxed state.

2. Noise. Loud noises can surely aggravate tinnitus. When a person with tinnitus is exposed more often than usual to loud sounds their condition becomes worst.

Obviously then, tinnitus patients should protect their ears from damaging sounds and if it’s unavoidable it is recommended to used ear protection – ear plugs and/or ear muffs.

3. Medications. High dosage of aspirin and quinine in high dosages can cause a temporary tinnitus.

Another fact to consider though is that generally the severity or gravity of tinnitus sometimes decreases from the time of its first occurrence and even disappears permanently.

In other words, it’s not common for tinnitus to get markedly worse. But of course it is difficult to tell whether it’s going to get worse or not given the nature of their tinnitus.

What treatments available against worsening tinnitus?

Presently, there is no specific treatment to tinnitus but a lot of remedies are available and others being developed create the desired cure.

1. Medications. There are a lot of medications prescribed to give relief from tinnitus. These include anticonvulsants, tranquilizers, antianxiety, and antihistamines.

Lidocaine has been affirmed to have complete or partial relief for a large number of patients. However, to date, research is on going trying to identify oral medication that have comparable effect to Lidocaine without serious side effects.

2. Relaxation Techniques. Another aid in coping with psychological distress of tinnitus is relaxation. As mentioned above stress is an aggravating factor.

So controlling our stress level and tension is very helpful in coping with tinnitus and eventual worsening of it. All relaxation techniques include biofeedback and meditation.

3. Masking. This refers to the use of external sound to mask or cover up the tinnitus. Commonly used masking items are fans, air conditioning units, radios or televisions.

Other effective masker is the use of pillow speakers, commercial and custom-made audio tapes and even FM radio static. Devices resembling hearing aids (and worn in the ear) that present a selected band of noise to the patient’s ear are also proven to help.

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